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Food culture of Maharashtra

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

India is multi-colored country with different regions and food culture. Today we are excited to share information about Food culture of Maharashtra.

Maharashtrian Food is the combination of regions

#AuthenticMaharashtrianFood is combination of the major regions Khandesh, Vidarbh, Konkan, Kolhapur and Pune. Every region has its food culture and methods.

  • There are specialty of food items of each region like in Khandesh food is very spicy and famous for authentic Non-Veg items, #MisalPav, Khaparachi Puran Poli, Katachi aamti, Wada Rassa and many more.

  • Vidarbh has its unique style of cooking and famous for hot texture of food.

  • Konkan is one of the most famous regions for food culture and have its own identity, known for Sea food and mild flavours influenced with Coconut milk and Kokum.

  • Kolhapur is the place of body builders and wrestlers and known for heavy diets, spicy food like Khandesh.

  • You will get one of the best Maharashtrian food in Pune, which is more on sweetish side and balance in diet, where Mumbai is famous for its street food items like Wada Pav and Pav Bhaji.

  • Khandesh, Vidarbh and Kolhapur food making techniques are quite same with little differentiators in spices or techniques of making spice mix.

Traditional equipment

#TraditionalMaharashtrian food is made with the help of an age old equipment's like stone grinder (pata varvanta), Mortal Pastel (Khal-Batta), Char Coal and Wood fire influenced stove (Chul) etc.

Meal course of Maharashtra

A Maharashtrian meal generally a combination of any locally grown regional vegetables, sprouts, dal/waran/sada waran with rice, Kadhi, Koshimbir, Matha, different types of Breads (Bhakari, poli or chapatti) made of Bajra, Jawar, Rice and Wheat flour served along with regional sweet items. Unlike as is done in South India the yogurt is mixed with the rice once it is on your plate which is widely served in Pune region, Sol Kadhi (Kokum syrup mixed with Coconut Milk) in Konkan region, Suji ka Halwa, Rice & milk Kheer in Khandesh. Also some other sweets like Aamras, Shrikhand, Basundi and so on. All these combinations make the authentic Maharashtrian meal.

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